We work with some of the biggest
public and private companies.

Our clients are sophisticated payers of PBM services across technology, financial services, telecommunications, utilities, media, insurance, retail, unions, government, and more.


Financial Services








CBS Case Study

     Remedy and the CBS Corporation partnered to save millions of dollars
in annual pharmaceutical spend with zero benefit,
formulary or clinical program changes.

Learn how Remedy delivered actionable data to CBS that yields long-term savings.

First Data 

The Chairman & CEO of First Data shares how Remedy helped a financial services data company take control over their pharmaceutical spending and save money. 

HR/Benefits executives work hard to negotiate the very best deals for their employees.

We accelerate the impact of their efforts by providing a microscopic view of the real costs to empower them with better decision-making data. They share our relentless desire to negotiate from a position of power.

We arm clients with knowledge to successfully navigate, negotiate and reclaim improper costs.

Our expertise, algorithms, and vast data sets produce knowledge management tools that provide actionable guidance.

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