In the prescription benefit marketplace, only specialized analytics technology creates clarity, leading to heightened knowledge
and powerful decisions.

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How Remedy Works

“PBM contracts and claims data are incredibly complex and confusing. The side with the most knowledge wins. Our technology identifies, extracts, dissects and warehouses every single claim to level the playing field in your favor.”

Scott Martin


Remedy shows clients the true costs of their PBM agreement.

We can lower the cost of existing plan designs, clinical programs and patient coverage strategies resulting in millions of dollars in savings.

Our team is driven by a relentless desire to negotiate healthcare spending from a position of power.

We partner with HR/Benefits teams of leading companies who are passionate about lowering costs and delivering better care efficiencies to their employees.

We are an elite team
of medical directors, data scientists, pharmacists, actuaries and technologists dedicated to leveling the playing field.

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